Depicting a hand-hewn look reminiscent of rustic furniture, the Echoes collection by Theodore Alexander Furniture provides a heart-warming, casual aesthetic. A blend of modern and industrial-chic, the Echoes collection interprets high-quality materials such as oak, hand-cast aluminium and vintage style leather into modern day works of art with weathered and tactile finishes. The overall look of the Echoes collection is aimed at the casual Theodore Alexander Furniture consumer who enjoys the delicate art of parquetry, metal casting and transitional European styling. Created almost entirely by hand, each furniture labelled as an Echoes piece is elegant and unique, bearing the marks of the maker. Updated and refined for today’s interiors, the echoes of classic silhouettes resonate throughout this sophisticated Theodore Alexander Furniture collection, each a masterpiece of delicate and distinctive design made with the finest of craftsmanship.


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  1. Echoes

    Round Dining Table Lagan - Dark Echo Oak

  2. Echoes

    Round Dining Table Lagan - Echo Oak

  3. Echoes

    Accent Table Dustin

  4. Echoes

    Coffee Table Quattor - Dark Echo Oak

  5. Echoes

    Sideboard Kemp

  6. Echoes

    Accent Table Stafford

  7. Echoes

    Console Table Galloway

  8. Echoes

    Extendable Dining Table Callan

  9. Echoes

    Accent Table Deion

  10. Echoes

    Supper Table Sunburst

  11. Echoes

    Cabinet Cavanough

  12. Echoes

    Cabinet Tyler

  13. Echoes

    Round Side Table Weston

  14. Echoes

    Console Table Orlando

  15. Echoes

    Side Table Lawson

  16. Echoes

    Round Side Table Arden

  17. Echoes

    Demilune Cabinet Delmer

  18. Echoes

    Sideboard Cabinet Reeve

  19. Echoes

    Accent Table Rawlins

  20. Echoes

    Coffee Table Galloway

  21. Echoes

    Console Table Tay

  22. Echoes

    Side Table Cooper

  23. Echoes

    Square Side Table Timberley

  24. Echoes

    Sideboard Cabinet Lark

  25. Echoes

    Wall Mirror Insight

  26. Echoes

    Serpentine Coffee Table Ennis

  27. Echoes

    Arched Console Table Arden

  28. Echoes

    Bed Seb - Dark Echo Oak

  29. Echoes

    Bedside Table Arden

  30. Echoes

    Buffet Easton

  31. Echoes

    Bedside Table Weston

  32. Echoes

    Bunching Accent Table Kyron

  33. Echoes

    Console Table Stafford

Items 1-36 of 80

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