Isola combines a casual, relaxed and stylish aesthetic with the sophistication desired and expected of the Theodore Alexander Furniture brand. Blending geometric and organic forms, the Isola collection offers stunning examples of wire brushed quartered oak surfaces and elegantly crafted hammered hardware to create an inviting contemporary living space. Casual and comfortable in appeal, the Isola collection depicts some distinctive rustic influences whilst the addition of soft lines and supple upholstery adds to the luxe contemporary appearance. Like most Theodore Alexander furniture, a piece labelled as Isola is extremely tactile, illustrating relaxed designs in fine metals, high-quality fabrics and carved textures.

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  1. Isola

    Sideboard Matteo

  2. Isola

    Sideboard Kalanidhi

  3. Isola

    Bedside Chest Matteo

  4. Isola

    Bedside Table Marcell

  5. Isola

    Desk Orazio

  6. Isola

    Cabinet Ricardo

  7. Isola

    Decorative Cabinet Oliviero

  8. Isola

    Cabinet Gennarino

  9. Isola

    Cabinet Nino

  10. Isola

    Cabinet Oliviero

  11. Isola

    Dining Table Vicenzo

  12. Isola

    Extendable Dining Table Saverio

  13. Isola

    Dining Table Piccolo

  14. Isola

    Dining Table Renata

  15. Isola

    Console Table Remigio

  16. Isola

    Console Table Fiore

  17. Isola

    Console Table Patrizio

  18. Isola

    Coffee Table Nevio

  19. Isola

    Round Coffee Table Bianca

  20. Isola

    Coffee Table Fiore

  21. Isola

    Rectangle Two Nesting Tables Callisto

  22. Isola

    Round Coffee Table Adelmo

  23. Isola

    Nesting Tables Piero

  24. Isola

    Coffee Table Dodinc

  25. Isola

    Drinks Table Gavino

  26. Isola

    Side Table Adelmo

  27. Isola

    Small Side Table Onofrio

  28. Isola

    Medium Side Table Onofrio

  29. Isola

    Large Side Table Onofrio

  30. Isola

    Bunching Centre Tables Ingazio

  31. Isola

    Supper Table Manzi

  32. Isola

    Side Table Nevio

  33. Isola

    Side Table Mariano

  34. Isola

    Bench Franco Ii - Com

Items 1-36 of 58

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