Theodore Alexander Furniture’s Iconic collection is quite simply that – a range of smart, stylish and bold furniture pieces designed to make a statement. Pleated button back upholstery, unique silhouettes and multifaceted geometric inlaid surfaces are present throughout this vibrant and eclectic collection, matching classical techniques with modernity. The Iconic collection is one of spectacular form and seamless functionality, representing the essence of contemporary furniture as we know it. A truly spectacular range, Iconic aligns with Theodore Alexander Furniture’s traditional time-honoured craftsmanship, using lost wax brass casting, marble cutting and a wealth of established manufacturing techniques to bring each piece into the 21st century.


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  1. Iconic

    Tv Cabinet Iconic

  2. Iconic

    Cabinet Iconic

  3. Iconic

    Bed Iconic in Com

  4. Iconic

    Round Coffee Table Iconic

  5. Iconic

    Rectangle Coffee Table Iconic

  6. Iconic

    Sofa Iconic - Com

  7. Iconic

    Coffee Table Iconic

  8. Iconic

    Round Occasional Table Iconic

  9. Iconic

    Accent Table Iconic

  10. Iconic

    Two Tiered Side Table Iconic

  11. Iconic

    Dining Armchair Iconic - Com

  12. Iconic

    Dining Chair Iconic - Com

  13. Iconic

    Square Coffee Table Iconic

36 Items

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