Theodore Alexander Modern beds and bed frames work on a foundation of balanced, clean lines and sophisticated finishes, fashioned by internationally accredited contemporary designers from across the globe. Textured warm woods and veneers encompass some of our bed designs whilst luxe leather upholstery characterises others; whatever your desired scheme, our diverse array of spectacular bed frames offers a look to suit many a modern bedroom. Catering to a selection of sizes, these modern bed frames rest at the heart of a luxe contemporary bedroom, with cabinetry, drawers and surfaces from collaborating collections to match.


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  1. TA Studio No.2

    Bed Frame Artemis in Matrix Marble

  2. TA Studio No.2

    Bed Frame Hampton in Matrix Marble

  3. Richard Mishaan

    Bed Kyoto - Com

  4. TA Studio No.3

    Bed Frame Talbot in Matrix Marble

  5. Alexa Hampton

    Bed Denison Sleigh

  6. Keno Bros

    Bed Dream

  7. Steve Leung

    Bed Amour Iii - Com

  8. The Oasis

    Bed Devona in Com

  9. Echoes

    Bed Weston 4 Poster - Dark Echo Oak Finish

  10. TA Studio Raia

    Bed Claudia in Matrix Marble - Overcast Finish

  11. Iconic

    Bed Iconic in Com

  12. TA Studio Raia

    Bed Palmer - Tempest Finish

  13. TA Studio No.3

    Bed Raylen Com in Brushed Pyrite

  14. Echoes

    Bed Weston - Echo Oak Finish

  15. Echoes

    Bed Seb - Echo Oak

  16. Echoes

    Bed Seb - Dark Echo Oak

17 Items

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