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Relaxed, well-balanced and sophisticated, designer furniture by Theodore Alexander Modern celebrates the art of simplicity and contemporary aesthetic. Fashioned by an adept selection of the worlds most accredited designers, each furniture piece re-defines contemporary, illustrating a diversity of styles and detail curated to work effortlessly alongside modern living. Soft neutrals, rich hardwood finishes and definitive textures embody each furniture piece, our designer-led collections distinguishable by their highly skilled craftmanship and quality materials. No matter the interior, we’re certain you’ll discover a furniture range to complete or complement a modern scheme with a luxurious Theodore Alexander touch.


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  1. Tabula Coffee Table White Marble

  2. Tabula Coffee Table Black Marble

  3. Keno Bros

    On Point Console Table

  4. TA Studio Holli

    Liana Bar Cabinet

  5. TA Studio Holli

    Gemma Bedside Table - Pepper Finish

  6. TA Studio Holli

    Gemma Bedside Table - Lux Finish

  7. TA Studio No.1

    Round Dining Table Tambura - Cardamon & Brass

  8. TA Studio No.1

    Dining Table Tamar - Cardamon & Brass

  9. TA Studio No.1

    Dining Table Tamar - Anise & Nickel

  10. TA Studio No.1

    Round Dining Table Tambura - Anise & Nickel

  11. TA Studio No.1

    Square Side Table Calvin

  12. Echoes

    Accent Table Rawlins

  13. Echoes

    Round Side Table Weston

  14. Echoes

    Console Table Ardern

  15. Echoes

    Side Table Ardern

  16. Echoes

    Round Side Table Arden

  17. Echoes

    Supper Table Sunburst

  18. Echoes

    Coffee Table Quattor - Dark Echo Oak

  19. Echoes

    Round Coffee Table Weston

  20. Echoes

    Console Table Six

  21. Echoes

    Extendable Round Dining Table Devereaux

  22. Echoes

    Chest of Drawers Chilton

  23. Echoes

    Chest of Drawers Weston

  24. Echoes

    Chest of Drawers Mersey

  25. Echoes

    Bedside Table Nevis

  26. Echoes

    Chest of Drawers Sayer

  27. Echoes

    Bedside Table Weston

  28. Echoes

    Sideboard Cabinet Reeve

  29. Echoes

    Sideboard Kemp

Items 1-36 of 53

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